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Saturday, February 23, 2013

BUILD SHELVING for your home! Don't buy it! (it just could be FREE!!)

Yet, another thing we'll be discussing, and DOING at our April 26th-28th Tiny House Building Workshops (Hands-on) in Wilmington, NC....

 Now, of course, to each their own, and we all have different needs, preferences, and material availabilities, when it comes to style and function, but there are MANY, MANY ways to obtain and build free storage and shelving for your home, cabin, tiny house, or storage shed, and here are a FEW GREAT EXAMPLES.....

Granted, some of you may also think "Man, these all look like total hell...I'm not hangin' that junk yard crap in my home!"- well, fair enough, like I said "To each their own". 

ALSO, and more on this soon, but I now have a new TINY HOUSE and DIY DESIGN facebook page....yes, our discussion group on Facebook will still be kept up and fully running (and I might announce a new moderator to help me out soon), but this new page, over time, will help to spread the ideas of tiny housing, living with less, and the diy ethic.

Its called "Relaxshacks's TINY HOUSE HUB" Check it out by this link, or if that doesn't work, just search the title on facebook, and join up! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Yup, my book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" has many Pallet Salvaging Ideas too, among other things, THANK YOU, to those who have supported me and this blog, and picked up a copy! 
-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen