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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A NEW tiny house building/design facebook page in the field...

 I'm finally up off the couch, from the flu completely kicking my ass for almost a week, and back in the saddle again! No, this isn't my couch, I just thought it was a GREAT example of free pallet wood construction!

First, TOMORROW we begin a series of MANY BOOK GIVEAWAYS, all tiny house related. Titles from Jay Shafer of The Four Lights House Company, Lloyd Kahn, David and Jeanie Stiles, and MORE! HUNDREDS of dollars of books- all next week, and the week after.....KEEP CHECKIN' BACK!

AND.....if you want to increase your chances of winning, or in some cases have ANY chance at all....

     I now have a new TINY HOUSE and DIY DESIGN facebook page....yes, our discussion group on Facebook will still be kept up and fully running (Bill Rockhill of Bear Creek Carpentry will also be our new secondary moderator as well- thanks Bill!), but this new page, over time, will help to spread the ideas of tiny housing, living with less, and the diy ethic. It'll be focused on Yurts, Houseboats, Tree Houses, Small Cottages, Log Cabins, DIY Crafts and Decor- all things that I'm passionate about= some may say addicted.

Its called "Relaxshack's TINY HOUSE HUB" Check it out by this link, or if that doesn't work, just search the title on facebook, and join up! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen