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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiny House/Shelterpod Cabin DESTROYED BY LAVA!

 This lil' video is just painful to watch! Its such a cool little cabin/shelterpod (that could make for a great, modern, tiny home), and its destroyed so quickly by lava flow from a volcano. As they say, "Location Is Everything".

The write-up from the video:
This shelterpod was owned, designed and built by Mr. Paddy Daly who lives in Bellyacres Eco-village adjacent to Seaview Estates. Paddy was welcomed in to Bellyacres as family would be when the lava flows inundated the area in early 2008 and made it impractical (and illegal) for him to continue living in his private property.

The shelterpod was built on lava flows from the 80's or early 90's about 1000 feet from the coast. It was a unique design consisting of a small living pod resting on a large deck. It had an electrical system consisting of a solar panel, storage battery and an inverter to supply 120 volt AC current. Two large plastic tanks sat under the deck and were to be supplied with rain water from the roof through the gutters and downspouts which were in the process of being installed. Spectacular views from the deck and large windows could be seen in all directions.

Paddy was not only generous enough to allow visitors to rest in his pod while it was standing tall but also generous to share its dramatic end with the public. His generosity will continue into the future as he plans to leave Bellyacres in June, 2010, and begin a two year Peace Corps agricultural tour in sub Saharan Africa.

Good luck and mahalo to Paddy.

Recorded November 3, 2009
 And for those who missed our OFFICIAL EVENT"posting"- here you go again! This workshop is filling up, so if you're interested, don't hesitate! Its gonna be FUN and very educational!

                    Joe from Tennessee Tiny Homes is now going to be part of this TOO!
and possibly Shelton Davis from as well....we'll have more on that soon!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen