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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cheap/Free FUNKY decor for your home- Part 1

I have about 25 or so constant uses in my "arsenal" for scrap wood - pieces that would otherwise be thrown away....some of these avenues even occasionally become money makers in and of themselves, which never hurts while trying to live a thrifty lifestyle. Here's an example of one thing I do with tiny plywood, tongue and groove, and cedar shingle scraps......its simple, fun, and can even be a great little craft project for kids...or adults....

Each board is coated with two quick layers of spray paint, the simple n' chunky art details are later painted or penned on in black and the negative voids are filled likewise, to make each one stand out more. These pieces- Its somewhat like Keith Haring-meets-Asimov....but with brain damage. I have fun with it though.

No, I'm far from any Van Gogh- some might even call me a "Damn, NO!", but this makes for a good rainy day activity, and one that's keeping wood hunks and scraps out of landfills.

More tips on recycled-material decor and dumpster diving decorating....on the way! Yes, my book is loaded with this kinda stuff- and the new book will be too!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen