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Thursday, December 20, 2012

ONE of the "nuttier", more offbeat, tiny house books....

I don't post too many book reviews on this blog, but I felt that this one was worth the attention/mention....

When it comes to books, I rarely like to spend over $15 or so, UNLESS I do a little research or peeking first. Well, NO ONE I knew had the book "The $50 and Up Underground House" by Mike "The Moleman" Oehler, and it being priced at $20 or so made me hesitate to pick it up a few times in the past.

Well, ladies and gents, I was an IDIOT not to, and in terms of being just out there(!), while making perfect sense, and being loaded with some GREAT building information, not to mention illustrations and photos that make Oehler's approach very clear, I ordered, devoured, and LOVED this book.

Again, its a bizarre book, and Oehler loves a good occasional rant, but, the information is great and after reading this book, I'm pretty damn inspired to go on and try building an underground dwelling at some point. I actually have always wanted to do this, but this book has given me a good, needed, kick in the pants.

To sum it up, if you're fascinated by underground dwellings, do check this one out.

OTHER INSANE Tiny House and DIY/Thrift Living BOOKS I LOVE (and some say my own book is insane (thank you!))

"Radical Simplicity" by Dan Price- a funky, journal-style entry on one man's streak of tinkering with tiny, homemade, dwellings. 

"The Art And Science of Dumpster Diving" by John Hoffman- humorous, informative, and down n' dirty- literally. This guy has done it all!

Here's a video of one of Oehler's Underground homes- almost THIRTY YEARS later! Still holdin' up!