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Friday, November 30, 2012

A-frame Treehouse/Tiny House/Shed Office Part 2

This is NOT what we'll be building in Wilmington, NC- April 26th-28th at our HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshop, but I WOULD like to build another one of these up on my Vermont Land, perhaps as a future tree house building workshop, where, in groups, we build a guest hut, OR TWO..... we'll see....

Anyway, here's another shot of something I've been working on....problem is, here in New England, when it gets cold as all "get out", outdoor work tends to slow to a crawl, or a complete stop- paints and caulks don't cure, fingers freeze, and windburn (not fun) is always inevitable.
    Again, this is a simple A-frame, but one that was intended as a small art office, and one that could easily be built in a tree, as a tree house, even a hut for guests, as its so light in weight. As for the rest of it, I can't really show you for awhile, as its not quite done- what you see is only a third of the whole project.

Eventually, alongside the work of FIFTY or so other builders, and designers, this one will be showcased in yet another book I've been working on. if you'd like to submit your work.

And, with the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus season around the corner.....check out my "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks" book- MADE and PRINTED IN THE USA- I made sure of it when I signed the book deal- and the book cover proudly displays that fact. I'll soon be selling signed copies, with a bonus gift to each who order one- more on that soon....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. Does anyone know of home builders grand rapids mi that are strong in all areas of design building and contracting and bring a true collaborative spirit to the project?

  2. I'd love some dimensions on this one, Deek! I can easily picture this one sitting in the bed of a pick-up truck as a nouveau-esque gypsy camper. Hey, that could be a project idea for me!

    1. Hey,
      this one is only 6' wide, and about 8' long- the side/rafters were made with 2by10s- I can stand in the center- so the height becomes about 6.5' or more....plywood on one face (which will also help with strength and bracing) and the other is white (but translucent) poly roofing (12' sheets cut down to size). Been thinkin' of making a super-simple trailer-cabin out of one myself- you should do it!

    2. Nice! I am looking forward to more details on this one.

  3. I'd love to build this one for my kid this summer. Anyway to get more details?

  4. Yeah, :-) The plans would be good, I'm trying to escape from the city in London and live in a tropical paradise in South India. I could do with building and living in one of these in the countryside backwaters. Sounds like something out of a Roal Dahl movie doesn't it. :-) it would do me until I built my boats and lived on them. If you could sell me a cheap plan I can also send a donation to the cubs pack

  5. Message got sent unfinished. I used to be 14th cub scout pack in London, now work for the Thames Auxiliary Marine Service helping with a charity in India. Would love to see the simple plans, we could build this in a few days and sleep away from the mosquitos. We keep putting rosemary on the fire to keep away. We don't like using that deet. Neem oil is good repellent though, comes from
    A local tree. Wishing you well and good luck.

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