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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Orange Owl- A tiny micro guest house/shed/office on wheels

 "The Orange Owl"- also the name of a side-project music act I've been messin' with...

("From the $0.99 Notebook of Deek D")- CLICK TO ENLARGE THE SKETCH

Take a tumbleweed, but simpler, and shrink it with a ray gun (yet to be invented, sigh...). Here's a sketch I was messing around with the other day towards a SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and QUICK-TO-BUILD design/project for next month's hands-on "" tiny-house-building workshop (Nov 2-4) in Stoughton, MA. Twp spots left in our intimate group of twenty (kidcedar at gmail dot com). All ages, all skill levels, ALL FUN!
     I have already purchased the trailer so that we as a group can work on a project such as this, but I'm still hashing out WHAT I want it to look like. Also, for the sake of education, it has to incorporate some simple framing, a variety of tool use, a chance to work in some creative and recycled materials, rafter and roof work (two kinds perhaps), spacial contemplation as a group (the layout inside), and more- all while being something we can complete most of in three days. Oh yeah, ALL OF THIS, but while also being lightweight....

The beauty of these group projects- ANYTHING is subject to change, and nothing is set in stone. If workshop attendees have some great ideas to offer up, as they usually do, we just might add 'em into the mix.... AND, we'll probably film a little of this for the show "Tiny Yellow House" on Make Magazine....

If you haven't seen the show, here's a TREEHOUSE episode we did a ways back- one I designed and built....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. This is the key to me in tiny house design. I REALLY need to get pen to paper, but in my perfect house, I see walls that roll up, fold up, or otherwise "disappear" and lead onto decks / patios / and other outdoor spaces. I see opening up the door in May, hanging weighted bug screens, and effectively doubling the size of the house until September.

    Love your work. I'm inspired now. Just gotta get to drawing!

    1. Thanks so much Dave! I hope you can make use of some of those ideas- it'd make for a great lil' space!

  2. I was wondering if I could get some more information on the orange owl design as I have a 6 foot wide by 7.5 foot long utility trailer and would like to build a simple but light weight "CABIN" on it similar to this style called the love shack here is a link to some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about
    My requirements are it has to be under 700 pounds do you think this is possible I'm still deciding if I should do full size walls as the only real head space would to put on pants in the morning so I could stand in the peek and do that there so to speek. I need ideas on weather to build it with 2x2s or 2x4s and as far as the roof is concerned would like to be able to place a 200 pound aluminum boat on top for fishing adventures so do I go 2x6s for this and what type of spacing do you think I could get away with 16 inch centers or do you think 2 foot centers would suffice...Sorry about the long question but I'm really excited to be starting this project.....Thanks

    1. Tough one- the fact that you want to toss a fishing boat on top means you have to build up the walls more, which add weight. and if you want to keep it all under 700 pounds, AND have it be able to withstand wind loads on the road, its challenging- you can use thin stock studs as a result- 2by4's 2 ' o.c. are fine, but no long is the trailer??