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Friday, October 26, 2012

Super-Awesome, Minimal-Impact Tree House/Tiny House

THIS IS THE KINDA STUFF I'M LOOKING FOR! Love this- and I'm in search of more rustic, fun, less refined/stiff tiny houses, forts, tree houses, playhouses, and more (ones you built, or photographed yourself) for an upcoming, in-the-works, book on the very same subject. kidcedar at gmail dot com, if you're down.

File Under: Zoinks! Check out this cool little tiny house/escape in the trees. This micro cabin in the woods, was built and designed by Peter Bahouth. The photos are actually from a network of tree huts Peter has. Peter was the former executive director for Greenpeace USA, and is the current director of The US Climate Action Network.
     This tree house uses a good deal of recycled materials, including 100-year-old windows taken from a Masonic Temple. The structures are also built so as to inflict minimal harm and damage to the trees that support them (always a great idea).

This treehouse was also recently featured in the book "My Cool Shed" by Jane Field-Lewis- definitely worth a look- some great photos within! I've linked it below.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen