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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A tiny sheep wagon/gypsy vardo interior...

I've been firing on all cylinders getting ready for next weekend's " Tiny House Building (Hands-On) Workshop" here in MA, from pre-painting certain materials, to purchasing trailer-loads of lumber for our collective tiny-guest-house-on-wheels build, to just cleaning up and getting the micro-cabins on my lot up to speed (which usually means improving them, and getting carried away). Anyway, because of that, I've had a little less time for the blog- my apologies, and part of it is because I'm still recovering from three incredible days in NYC for the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop I hosted out there. While in NYC, I also shot two very cool little architecture/tiny dwelling videos too- which I've also been working on.

Anyway, in times like these, I love to just kick back (when I find a chance) and give my brain a rest and take a look through some of the photos I have saved on my computer, such as this one- today's EYE CANDY SHOT......a sheep wagon interior. Its so fun, yet orderly, and still cozy looking overall.

MORE coming soon.....

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