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Monday, October 29, 2012

A 64 Square foot guest cabin/shelter/tiny house

 Here's a photo of the progress on my 64 square foot guest cabin/shack/house in my yard. I've been working on it, and many other things, in preparation for this weekend's " Tiny-House Building (Hands-On) Workshop". THREE days of building, speakers, tiny house tours, demos, campfire discussions, and MORE!

Still alot of work to go on this little house, but its a start! Right now, a certain lil' Hurricane is keeping me from getting any more done.

Above: The ANTI-CLASSROOM classroom.....where we'll be hanging. This is the podium for most of our speakers and discussions....

And....lumber n' windows galore, outside, and inside the shed- which we'll be using to build a tiny house on wheels....together!