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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nashville Mod Tiny House- check ouf this towering box shelter!

 A two-story tiny house tower....built by Bjon Pankratz

I really want to build something fun, functional, and simple enough as the collective building project for our next " Tiny House-Building Workshop" on Nov 2-4 here in Stoughton, MA (right outside Boston), and its photos and ideas like this that really get my mind churning. LOVE IT!

To sign up, or check out details, on our upcoming hands-on workshop, click here....

This one is showcased for "kid use" in this particular photo, but it certainly seems sized for adults, and I'd LOVE to have something like this by the side of a creek in the middle of nowhere. Its got alot going for it- its simple and easy to build, could incorporate nothing but free and salvaged windows as it has such an asymmetrical design, resides on a mere four legs, achieves a rustic, modern, and fun look without being a budget-buster, and would give you a great view if placed in the right setting- both through its multitude of windows and its height.

Yeah, again, its a kids fort or playhouse mainly, but why not trick it out for adult use? Or both?

_Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. It looks so light and airy, and mobile! Just the way I like it! Inspirational, thanks for posting!

  2. A perfect desert studio.. thanks