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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bryan Lowe's New Micro Shantyboat or English Canal Boat/Shelter

Its almost like Tiny Housing- meets camping- meets houseboating, or shantyboating.... all on a micro scale. 

 The lastest from


 This is the latest project from Seattle's Bryan Lowe, who I've been talking to online for a year or so now. In this video Bryan's radio experience (he is a Production Director for a classical station in town) is very evident, and he gives us a great little narrative as he cruises along one of the area's rivers.
     I'm not sure if Bryan plans to add any windows to the structure, and we don't yet get any interior shots, but I believe he still has some finishing touches to do on this craft, and we'll certainly be seeing more from him.

Bryan's OTHER home-built shantyboat/houseboat
 Thanks for sending me this Bryan, its the kick in the butt I need to continue pecking away at my own tiny shantyboat/houseboat- which IS coming along, slowly but surely. I've included that video below too....

 My own tiny floating shelter, is yet ANOTHER tiny structure you'll be seeing at our " Tiny House Building Workshop #3"- happening November 2-4 right outside BOSTON, MA, where we'll not only collectively build a tiny guest house- most likely a new model called "The Darrington"- but tour THE FIRST BUILT TUMBLEWEED TINY HOUSE, and see the following structures on my property...
-The Gypsy Junker Cabin
-The Boxy Lady
-The GoddaGiddaWay
-The Sea Snail micro-houseboat
-The All Eights Cabin perhaps
-The One-Pole Treehouse (kiddingly named "The Lollipop Fort Of Death")
-The Horror Hut Writer's Retreat

CLICK HERE for MORE INFO and to SIGN UP for the WORKSHOP.....  LOTS of guest speakers, building, demos, tours, campfire discussions, camping, and more.... or email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com.

Two books I've found very inspirational on the subject, are these that I've linked below....


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