Tiny House Summer Camp 5

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mariah Coz's Comet Camper/Caravan at "TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP" in VERMONT

I'll be posting some more photos here and there of scenes from our "Tiny House Summer Camp"- and here are a few shots of Mariah Coz and her "Comet Camper", which was part of the tours on our grounds up in Vermont. Basically, Mariah acquired this Avalon classic camper for very little money, and it gutting it to make it her own, AND to take it around the country, eventually, as a traveling classroom for sustainable and off-grid living. You can check out from her at www.cometcamper.wordpress.com

Again- our next Tiny House/Building Workshop will be Nov 2-3 right outside Boston, MA- a 2-3 affair with speakers, campfire discussions, and a collaborative building project. kidcedar at gmail dot com if you're interested- we'll have the FULL roster and all details out soon- the price, and so forth....

Mariah and the Comet Camper will be there....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

PS- scroll down to see a BEFORE shot of her camper- WOW! ALSO NOTE: Her camper renovation is far from done, these are all in-the-works photos....

Mariah's micro composting toilet with a urine diverter
Hiking through the trails of Tiny House Summer Camp towards Mariah's Camper on day 4


Here's a few books to check out on RV and Camper Living.....


  1. Thanks for featuring the COMET on here Deek! Can't wait to bring the much more complete COMET to the workshop in November - by then we'll have solar panels, a bumper garden, and all the details and space-savvy tricks of a really lived-in tiny space!

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