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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A tiny cottage/rental house in Helsinki, Finland

What the Helsinki? Love this one, and while its billed as a "hobbit hut" rental, and well, just isn't one at all, this is still such a cool little cottage dwelling, located yes, in Helsinki, Finland- a place I'd LOVE to visit someday.
     Here are a few simple photos to show you the exterior, interior, and to perhaps give you design, build, and color scheme ideas, as any eye candy photo posts might.

What I like about this one?
-The lanterns/candles....they're keeping it simple, its a link from camping to tiny housing
-The few and far between bold furniture items- they haven't overdone it, but have still managed to make the place look fun and colorful, without looking chaotic and over-the-top gaudy.
-The high-wall storage shelves- a great use of otherwise wasted and unused space- its an above-the-eye storage zone too, so its not as outwardly noticed on first glance and doesn't clutter the view as larger lower shelves might (which also take up floor space).
-The subtle and relaxing one-tone walls....almost anything goes with that natural/tan-ish hue.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


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