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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Tiny House/Hut/Vermont Cabin Begins Anew....

Here's a quick shot of the loose base/layout for THE SITE we'll be building a tiny cabin/guest house on in Vermont, at my "Tiny House Building Summer Camp". Just a few weeks away now! I can't wait! LOTS of prep, packing, wood hauling, site clearing, improving, and more, have been done in anticipation of the backwoods gathering we'll be having for four days, and the camp looks better than it ever has before. Building, guest speakers from many areas of the country, and camp fire discussions at night- man, this is going to be fun!

THICK cedar sills, later to be re-inforced, map out the future pad/size of the little cabin we'll all build....ALL the joists have yet to be installed....
     The cabin we're building (a somewhat open design, to be determined in part, by the workshop group) will be a small 8' by 10' footprint, but built with add-on potential in mind (a wall covered, framed in door, for future expansion, if need be). We probably will add in a sleep loft, and even a tiny bathroom area, so as to make this more challenging, and fun, design wise!

One/two spots open for the workshop, I believe.... then we close the sign-ups. kidcedar at gmail dot com

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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