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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Tiny Cabin/House in the Middle Of The Woods in Massachusetts

      A belated father's day to all, although I did post a father's day tiny ("Tie-nee") house sketch concept over on Kent's, but the reason for the radio silence is that I've been staying off grid in a cabin, deep in the woods of Massachusetts.... no elec, no running water, all nature (well, except for this excursion to check my email for our upcoming "Tiny House Summer Camp", and this blog).

Anyway, here's a few photos I took- A Tiny Cabin At Sunset....again, part of several hundred new photos I've been taken for the eventual follow-up to my tiny house and cabin design concept book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks".

PS- I've had quite a few people ask what camera I use for all my tiny house shots, and well, its just a simple Canon Powershot- the Elph 300 HS- not even their newest model, but still one of best sellers worldwide now. I love this thing, its tiny, has a few built in lens effects, and takes some real decent photos. Just FYI- I posted a link below- and I would not recommend stuff if I didn't like/love it or believe in it. Heck, I've even NOT recommended a few things before on this blog. 

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