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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tiny House Building in Brooklyn on The History Channel

 Tiny Houses on The History Channel- with the ESPN hosts/duo The Sklar Brothers, and us at Relaxshacks.com

Note: The Cabin we built in this episode is for sale...... via www.tinyhouselistings.com- its called "The All Eights Micro-Cabin"- below is a side video I shot on it too, while on set for this brand new tv show....

If the cabin doesn't sell, I've been contemplating another one or two day tiny house building workshop in MA (a backyard workshop like last year), where we re-assemble this cabin, but tweak, and improve upon it- with some other building as well.....if you might be into this (perhaps in the late fall)- kidcedar at gmail dot com....


Earlier this week the "Livin' Large" episode of the new show "The United STATS of America" (hosted by the comedic twins Jason and Randy Sklar) finally aired. This episode, which I was a part of, was filmed back in October in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, where I was asked (with zero notice) to pitch, design, pre-build, then pack, haul (from Boston), drop-off, and assemble a tiny guest house-like structure, in all of three days (two of which I was watching both of my kids, to further complicate things). Well....we got 'er done, and the episode, and the show, is/are pretty great.

A link to the entire episode is below, if you'd like to check it out. The tiny house we built, myself, Dustin Diedricksen, and repeat collaborator/hired gun, Steve "Bulldoze" Sparaco, all start showing up in the 36 minute mark too. The whole episode is pretty damn interesting though- all on the American obsession with space, and "more, more, more!".


And the old school, undercover, diy, lo-fi video we shot just after completing this cabin....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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