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Monday, June 25, 2012

Modern Ice Fishing Shacks For Rent (Tiny House Possibilities!) in North Dakota

Check out these cool little wheeled cabins....and you can rent them! I wish they had some interior shots though!

Some hate the look, but here's an example of how metal roofing can effectively (and quickly/cheaply) be used for siding on a cabin, tiny house, or any dwelling at all.

These are in Eastern South Dakota around the Lake Thompson, Madison and Watertown areas, and here's what the website mentions....

  • Ice fishing shacks are 8 by 20
  • Each fish house has ten holes
  • One wall heater per house
  • Battery hookup for lights in each
  • Four beds in each fish house
  • Easy set up
  • Each wheel cranks up individually including the hitch. 
  • You should bring 1 additional small heater for the back of the fishing shack. Also I'd suggest a lantern to save on your battery.

    Price is $100.00 a day.

    To book in advance, $50.00 deposit is required. Last minute cancellations, no refund.

    Home phone number. 605-627-5709. Cell number. 605-691-4133.

    Call me at the above numbers to get more information.

    There are also smaller fishing shacks or shanties available for rent. Price on the smaller ice fishing houses is $50.00 per day. 

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