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Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Teepees and Houseboats Collide! A College Student's Shantyboat/Raft Dwelling

Pretty dang funky/cool if you ask me, although this kid is getting eaten alive by haters on a message board or two right now (its always the haters who have the time to chime in, and rarely those with positive things to say).
      Personally I think its great and somewhat gutsy, although getting the full backstory on the reason behind this move from campus to a nearby lake seems hazy. Either way, it makes for a great series of photos, and perhaps an idea for a more affordable floating dwelling. William Woodbridge, 21, calls his current lifestyle "deliciously hippyish", although he is currently facing eviction warnings, and possibly fines for his choice of lifestyle. Appaerently, after getting fined $350 for accidently setting off a smoke alarm at his college's campus (steam from cooking rice), he decided that the dorm life was not for him and made his move, aquatically, to this new location. I wish him luck.

Thanks to David, one of our blog readers for passing on this story/photos....

Yup, I'm a houseboat and shantyboat addict, and I have a design concept or two in my book, and MANY more in the new follow-up book I've been working on...

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen