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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle- Tiny House/Cabin Shoot #1 (of FIVE!) for "Tiny Yellow House"

Re: Shooting MORE videos on the west coast, and taking photos for my follow-up to the new "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks"....(yes, another book has been long in the works...mwuhahahaha...(sinister laugh)).

Filmmaker Christopher Smith, who I worked/hung with the whole five days in Seattle, grabs a loft shot for an upcoming episode of "Tiny Yellow House". I mentioned, I was out in Seattle to speak at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's Workshop there, and aside from an event being just plain loaded with some of the bigger builders, bloggers, and advocates of the tiny house/living movement, I also took the opportunity of being out there (as I live about 3000 miles away in Boston) to shoot some episodes of "Tiny Yellow House", with Christopher Smith on hire (Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller are the two behind the really cool looking upcoming small living documentary "Tiny: The Movie")
     Broken Record Time: As you can see (flying other cameramen out, etc) these shoots ain't cheap, and I love doing them, but breaking even is always a plus- so....if you want to reach a hell of alot of people and place an ad in a series of upcoming videos, you can email me at kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks! Our Sage video, and a few others are all at around 100,000 views now....

Anyway, here are a few stills from ONE of the shoots. I'll show the others down the road as we did Four/Five in all- a container house (not shown), a micro-modern artists apartment in an art studio complex, a 68 square foot guest house, the pico dwelling (as seen in the Seattle Times), and the house on wheels. If you missed our latest "Tiny Yellow House" videos, you can subscribe to us/check them out at

This place, minimal in furnishings and flair, has its own unique charm, and has Dwell Magazine written all over it. I'm a loft addict and this one, although only about 4' high, provided more than enough space. The room/apartment is 200 square feet overall, with a bathroom down the hall. Layout-wise, you easily could work a small corner bathroom, a tiny kitchenette, and even another loft into this space, making it a model of what a tiny house/home could be. The ceilings were 14' high. We stayed in this particular place two nights and I loved it- you can see more at Dirk and Jaq's listing... $70 a night (at the time we posted this).

Christopher catchin' some Z's between shoots....
 All photos by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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