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Thursday, February 2, 2012

NEW VIDEO TOUR- Jeff Milstein's Bolt Together House/Tiny Cabin (in New Brunswick)

First, my book, alongside the new Tiny Houses book from Lloyd Kahn ( was just featured in the WALL STREET JOURNAL! Thanks for all your support, to those who have picked one up (only $11.29 new! With a free shipping option)- today it reached the #1 Carpentry Book on, and the #1 Building and Construction Book spot again. Lloyd's book has been kicking serious arse too! As it should be..... I guess this whole tiny house message is REALLY catching on worldwide!

 Anyway....Thanks to Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen for piecing this video tour together! Its of one of my all-time favorite tiny house designs, something called "The Bolt Together House", which debuted in Family Circle Magazine back in 1972, and also appeared in "Tiny Houses" by Lester Walker (one of my "Top Ten Tiny House Books"- see the banner link above). This plan set went on to sell 25,000 copies- a record for the magazine. This house, on a quarter acre piece of land- waterfront- was $18,000 USD- Dustin, Dawn, and I wanted to go in on it together, but it sold almost instantly when the listing went up. Oh well....yet another amazing place we missed out on (see our "island hopping video" on youtube).

    Many more videos on the way....
-"The Horror Hut" ( a writer's retreat) for Make Magazine's version of "Tiny Yellow House"
- A d.i.y. hammock short video
-My micro A-frame (where we just might install a Dickinson Boat/Marine/Cabin Stove- those things are incredible!)- we'll see.....
-My "cloffice" (micro closet-office). 
-and a few videos in Seattle- which'll kill my wallet, but which should look GREAT!

We're ALWAYS looking for sponsors (if you'd like you ad/logo in the intro of these videos)- so if interested kidcedar at gmail dot com. Thanks!-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen