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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deek's Shed Of Doom! My REALLY messy shed- Downsizing: Phase 1

 First, thanks to all who keep checking out my new book- it was reviewed in the NY TIMES (!) just the other day and is doing REALLY WELL! You can order it below....and don't worry, there's no photos of my shed in it!
 Oh the shame....
 Deek's SHED OF DOOM- a workshed rehab....(long overdue)

Back to back to back to back projects, and burning the candle at both ends, leads to THIS! "The Horror"!

    Specs: The shed is 10' wide, and 12' long, and about 7' at its tallest....120 square feet, in my town, is the maximum by which one can build a structure without a permit.

      I admit, while I live in small house, I have wayyyyy too much crap. Half of it, in my defense, is related to my work, hobbies, and in-the-works projects (ie- I own ALOT of space wasting drums, as I record music and perform it for a side living) but I still need to cut the fat in many, many ways.
     Another problem I'm faced with is that I'm so frequently building things for myself, clients, Make Magazine, "Tiny Yellow House" videos, and neighbors, and DO NOT have a workshop- none at all. I can't tell you how many times I've worked outside in the snow or rain to make a deadline (and ended up sick). Anyway, with time at a premium, I often find myself in a hurry, as I lose daylight, to run my materials into my storage shed, knowing I'll merely pull them out again the very next morning. So why bother organizing them? Well, for one, over time, certain items, materials, and tools start accumulation in "said shed", and next thing I know, I'm left with the monumental task of cleaning it all up again.

So, to give myself a motivating kick in the ass, I've held back in no way with this photo, to show you how awful my shed has gotten. 

And its gonna take time...
Rehab this whole self-built outbuilding and transform it into a "ROCK SHED"- a space where I can work, play instruments/jam with friends, shoot vlog episodes for this blog, and STILL store things.....and I'll certainly show you the results, and things I learn, along the way.
     I already have a vision of what I want this place to look like, and if it comes out anything like I've imagined, I'll be very pleased. Time will tell. This project has already begun, and the shed looks entirely different at this point- MUCH LESS STUFF. I've sold some of it on craigslist, donated other items, and left the rest on my curb for others to take (EVERY item except one was picked up by other scavengers- bless 'em, one n' all!).

There have also been many "Wow, I didn't know I owned that!", or "I've been looking for that!" moments....

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