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Monday, December 19, 2011

A space saving, storage-containing micro stool/seat

I have a few seat reviews, and some video cameos of different varieties I've been testing (like its hard work- lol- I merely slowly lower my kiester on them) that all are under the "space efficiency" banner (well, and affordability- as that's pretty important to me too).

     This particular one, ultra-tiny, is called the "Sansad" from Ikea. I bought this as a seat replacement for a kids art table we had in our home. Its tiny, but, as you can see below, easily holds up 210 or so pounds. What I like most about it, is the bold mix of a the naturally light wood, and the bright red storage cap- yes, lift up the top and you can store things within (the other thing I dig). Basically, without taking up any additional space, and replacing the old same-size seat we had before, we've now gained a small amount of hidden storage. As you well know, any little bit of storage gained in a tiny home, is nothing to scoff at! This chair lists for $19.99.

TWO IKEA HACK ideas for the SANSAD....
1. Want to hack this seat?- the hole in the center is just BEGGING for a lamp pole insert. Extend the legs and you have yourself a cool little night stand or end table....add a shelf below for magazines....and so on....

2. This, by boxing it in, and taking out the storage area's bottom, could make for a funky, and affordable laundry hamper for a tiny home- it wouldn't take up much space at all- again, elongate the legs to make it more useful/sizeable. 

Oh yeah- #16 in our "SIXTY SHACKS SKETCHES IN SIXTY DAYS" is coming in a little bit- my scanner is being a little problematic! All leading up to the release of my NEW edition of the book below (The Lyons Press)- its already up on check it out!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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