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Saturday, December 24, 2011

MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS! with a Christmas Tree Shaped Micro Hut/Tiny House!

 -And a Happy Holidays to all else who don't celebrate Christmas.....  
     I'm crunched for time here, with so many things to do, and family events, so here's something I LITERALLY sketched (I watched the clock) in six minutes (and I prob will not have a post tomorrow). Its an idea I'll elaborate on later with a better sketch, perhaps for a future book even. This is something I actually always wanted to build, and I also have a (even worse) sketch of the concept from 2007. Anyway, if someone beats me to building this tiny little tree house (made from trees AND shaped like one), as I've now posted the idea worldwide for the most part, please at least give me a concept/design nod, would ya? lol. Send me some photos/video too!

 This is also NEW sketch #22 in our "SIXTY SHACK SKETCHES IN SIXTY DAYS" pen-a-thon. Man, this ain't easy! Even though these sketches are NOT from the new version of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks", this drawing spree is leading up to the release of that book- which is already on

Click HERE to check it out! 

Thanks to a great year where I've also made many new friends in the tiny housing community! Also- Thanks especially to Kent Griswold, Michael Janzen, Alex Pino, Tammy Strobel, and Lloyd Kahn for being so supportive of my work- and to so many others too! 

Oh yeah- Yesterday, at one point "Humble Homes" it was the #4 bestselling carpentry, and how-to/home improvement book in the WORLD! (which royalty-wise means I just made enough money to buy half of a pencil!). Thank you for your support!

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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