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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's Tiny House Eye Candy- Three Wild/Bizarre Homes/Guest Houses I want.....

-Well, maybe not "WANT", but "find inspiration from"- as these three housing/shelter approaches are very unique in their own different ways. For instance, the wild-as-all-hell "paintjob house" isn't so notable as a home itself, or architecturally (no offense, if you're the owner!), but the paint work and artistic addition of so much color to its exterior makes it a very fun, one-of-a-kind, and creatively ballsy building. I'm sure the neighbors hate it, and I'd dread having to repaint it all someday, but it sure is something else!

The A-frame above (and sorry, I have NO IDEA who built these, I couldn't find anything- if YOU do, let us know) on the other hand is more "conventional" as a "Double A" guest room or office (yoga studio perhaps?), but through its trim work and triangular window placement, holds its own individual charm- I'm a sucker for A's too! I actually was planning on posting photos on "The World's Smallest A-frame Cabin" that I've been working on in my backyard (another micro-cabin/shelter design pulled from some of the sketches and concepts in my book), but my wife is out at a retirement dinner right now with the very camera that holds about one hundred photos of this thing. Perhaps tomorrow....

The colors man....the colors....(Tommy Chong Voice...)

As for this last one, its not a "home", although that's a tough term to pigeonhole. Regardless, in terms of the usage of natural materials, and in this case, actually training the branches to bend and grow into certain forms and shape, this nest-like treehouse has certainly grabbed my attention. I love how the ladder is even rustic and borderline Seussian. Very fun!

And for those who missed the new TOUR video...

I'm already working on editing another how-to video- well, like another TEN of 'em....

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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. i know who owns that rainbow house! lol, not personally but im a fan of the work she does and from what i can tell, they have no neighbors

  2. yeah, I kinda figured it was a house in a remote locale (the rainbow one)- love it!

  3. This is the source of the A-Frame house up there as well as some other neat projects.