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Monday, November 28, 2011

Some guy named "Jay Shafer"(?) and a tour of his first-built Tumbleweed Tiny House

So this guy- I think his name is "Jay Shafer" (I think I've heard of him in passing)- builds these cool, tiny little houses, and one of them happens to be for sale, in Boston (merely 10 miles from me), so I figured I'd shoot a lil' tour video on it (seeing as I just can't find much out there, especially videos, on these "Tumbleweed" Tiny Houses and this elusive Jay character).

No, there are some great approaches, and design concepts to be gained/seen through this video on one of Jay's older works, so check it out. I had fun pokin' around in this little cabin on wheels, and I think you'll dig it too (even if you've seen the 32,098 other videos on his work already)- Whoops....32,099, another one just randomly appeared on youtube.

And yeah, yeah.....some of you want me to BUILD MORE, and TOUR LESS- I know....I knows.....SO, THE NEXT TWO VIDEOS ON THE WAY ARE STRICTLY BUILDING/CREATION TUTORIALS! I promise! One, for MAKE MAGAZINE's channel, is a really cool tour/build video on "The Wolfe's Den" Treehouse, which I created/erected/designed (it was recently featured on Apartment Therapy), and another deals with windows made from trash, plates, curbside junk, and so on. I'm also building "The World's Smallest A-Frame" cabin- well, probably close to it- which I'll naturally shoot a video on. Another is an outhouse shaped like a bust of Justin Bieber. Not really. That'd surely go viral on youtube then again I DO have some leftover lumber....hmmmm......

Oh yeah, Jay (he's some kind of bionic cyborg from the planet Tinitron who has found a way to extend an Earth day by 6-8 hours) has another book out there too. I've only had a chance to get a passing glance at it when I was invited out to guest speak at one of his workshops, but I do hear good things. I posted a link to it below, so you can check out the reviews, and read more about it- and my book as well. (See our next most recent blog post for some outtakes of design and art from it).

AND SPECIAL THANKS TO KEVIN HARRINGTON from who made some of this, and the next one/two videos (and their materials), possible, he supporting us by means of a video ad. If any of you are ever interested in this kind of thing in the future (esp. those of you who complain I'm not building enough!), contact me kidcedar at gmail dot com. 
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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  1. Thanks for the tour of the first Tiny Tumbleweed House. I really enjoyed it.