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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Stinky Sneakers and LOTS O' ROCKS....a greenhouse/writer's retreat update...

     So, I've been pecking away at a new greenhouse/writer's retreat for a client, and while I haven't gotten too far yet, due to the back-breaking nature of the work, here are a few photos of how the "foundation" (also serving as a heat retaining floor) is being set. I had to initially dig trenches to be able to level the pressure-treated foundation, then used existing site and rocks from a neighbors yard to somewhat anchor the frame in place, THEN, I finally filled in everything else, until it formed a level top surface, with LOTS of crushed stone (photos of that, and more, coming soon!).

     It'll be interesting, on a heat retention level, to see how this works, in conjunction with a woodstove, in February, when its 10 below out. We'll see. Its going to be used as a greenhouse, but also as a potential writing spot for a MA-area horror-fiction author- John Grover- whose work is very twisted, and reminds me in some subtle ways of others like Ramsey Campbell, Douglas Clegg, and even Clive Barker, at times. I've linked John's newest book below- the Kindle version is $0.99- crazy!

AGAIN- in the meantime- THIS SAT- Walden Woods- FREE!!! 10am to noon- "THIS TINY HOUSE"- a three-speaker event (I'll be one of them) RIGHT next to the H.D. Thoreau recreation cabin. How cool is that? FREE! Sage Radachowsky (Boston Gypsy Wagon Builder/Dweller) and John Hanson Mitchell, author of "Living At The End Of Time" (and others) will also be presenting.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen