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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Sleepafloat Houseboat Hotel Rooms- my two night stay....more photos......

"Rooms That Rock!" is their slogan, and a clever/fitting one...."Boatels" is another term they toss around....

Hanging out inside the "Gemini", one of over a dozen boats that Sleepafloat has docked in the Boston Harbor.
      As I mentioned in a past blog entry, my wife and I recently had a chance to spend two nights on one of the houseboats in the Boston Harbor- and we had an incredible time. We also invited several friends down the first night, and they couldn't get over how fun/unique the "inn-style" set-up was as well. I've since learned that this company, since we shot a video on them a ways back, has already expanded into new cities- which is no surprise to me. These "rooms" also come equipped with just about everything, from a range, to a fridge, dishes and glasses, microwave, flat screen tv, and so on- its pretty crazy.....the roof deck is THE PLACE to hang out too- with a great view of all the passing boats, the harbor, and all the neighboring moorings.

Anyway, since the photos mostly speak for themselves, I'll quit it with the keyboard-yackin' (well, soon enough).

A long term rental across the docks- the woman commuted by bike to a city job, so I was told.
The micro-loft above- enabling the boat to sleep six people (aside from the Queen-sized bed, and a pull out couch (which resides behind a curtain/wall you can pull across).
A tiny toilet- who needs more? The bathroom, in this boat, was surprisingly "big"- with a full standing shower, and a good deal of room to maneuver. I also do like the mock-wood flooring- its actually linoleum.
Again, if you missed the video we shot for them a ways back...

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