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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More new gallery photos of "The Little Blue Bump" a $200 micro vacation cabin/shelter/hut

      Call it a fort, shack, micro-house, vacation camp, Smurf cottage, mini shack, pre-fab treehouse shell, or whatever- the idea was for a simple and effective, long lasting shelter, for a mere $200 budgetary constraint. This tiny one, or two, person sleeper was one of a pair of structures we built at our sold-out 2011 workshop here in Massachusetts. The other was "The Krunk Bunk"- which has since been featured on Make Magazine, Apartment Therapy, etc. Anyway, this little cabin is beyond-easy to build, affordable, and offers much more protection, durability, and more of a view than most any tent would (which might end up costing more than this anyway). Emergency shelter, the homeless, and kids (as a fort/playhouse) were also in mind.

As I have too many cabins in my yard, this one is also for sale- for $500- without the tiny deck and interior items. The proceeds will go towards us building another structure, and filming it for a "how-to" video as part of our "Tiny Yellow House" series.

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. I like this. I have a 13 month old granddaughter and this might make a nice playhouse. When she's a little older.

  2. Hey Deek! :) What are the dimension of this little guy? Also, are the plans/sketches of the LBB in your book? Inquiring minds wanna know. :)

  3. PS - I know you're down under so hopefully you'll have a minute to reply when you get back! Have a great time in Oz! <3