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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The SKINNIEST home in the world? A high-tech, tiny, alleyway house in Poland (photo gallery)

 This one has been posted in our facebook group (thanks to Sam Brelsfoard), and has been kickin' around alot lately, and while I personally wouldn't want to live in something so cold, sterile, narrow, and angular- the idea, and execution, in an art-sense, is pretty amazing. I don't see how the heck building something like this would be allowed in a city, but then again, I'm not so up to date on my Polish Building codes these days! (There's a joke in there somewhere (and I'm a tiny part Polish, for the record)).

This super skinny house by Polish architects Centrala proves that practically any space can be transformed into a habitable residence. Set along a narrow alleyway, Keret House will be the narrowest residence in Warsaw, if not the world. The triangle-shaped house will span three levels, suspended between two existing buildings above the alley below.

The slim pod-like building will repurpose a derelict space that seemed to serve as a local dump – the alley was packed with old furniture, trash bags and graffiti. The three levels are built from a steel frame covered with inexpensive plywood, and panels made from Styrofoam and concrete cloth form the structure’s spaceship-like exterior. Visitors even “board” the vessel through a set of remote control stairs, which open and extend to the alley below and then fold into the floor.
Electricity will be provided by a neighboring host building, and a water and sewage system in the small space will be free-standing, much like systems used on boats. The first floor of the living space is a work space and a lounge. The second level, reachable by ladder, fits a sleeping loft with a skylight. The top space can be used for storage.
Part art installation, part workspace, the house was designed as a studio for Israeli writer, Etgar Keret. The creative space will also be open to visiting artists and writers, and hopefully it will to incite inspiration through its design. Construction is slated to begin in September.
+ Centrala
Via Arch Daily


-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. This is awesome Deek. Real neat find. I'd definitely live in something like this if I wanted to be right in a big city. Very cool!

  2. The thing that really struck me about it was the legs and the hatch/stairs for the entrance - super neat design

  3. From the street it looks very pole-ish.