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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trout Gulch Wigwam/Hippie Hut-meets-"The Flintstones"?- Pics from NPR's Jon Kalish


NPR host, and friend, Jon Kalish sent me these shots a ways back, when he was out on assignment in California- and here's a brief backstory from the man himself....

Hey Deek,
     Below are a few pics from Trout Gulch, the homestead/utopian village being built in Aptos, CA not far from Santa Cruz. It is on this same property that the little mushroom guest house (featured on our site in the past/and on airbnb.com) is located. The pics 1. front shot of grass hut 2. Outdoor Kitchen, and 3. Their homemade oven.
The three principles at Trout Gulch have a digital animation company called Encyclopedia Pictura (encyclopediapictura.com). Much more about what they're doing on their web site. I'm working on a piece about them for NPR...

 As for the tiny "Mushroom House" that Jon mentioned....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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