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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tiny Houses/Cottages of "The Pine Crest Motel And Cabins"- in Barton, VT

Here are a few shots of "The Pine Crest Motel and Cabins" in Barton, VT that I took a few weekends ago while shooting some footage/a tour of the grounds. I've stayed here in the past, and these places are just great, so I felt a video was in order (coming soon).
       We also have mini-videos/episodes that I recently shot on...
-Walden Woods/The H.D. Thoreau Cabin- Part 2- focusing on the original site and ruins of the REAL cabin.
-Cameron Shorb- A Lincoln, MA resident who has now lived in a treehouse for almost three years (he's 17).
-Soon- The Fern Forest Treehouse in Vermont run by Harrison Reynolds

Naturally, we're looking for one sponsor to help cover them all... kidcedar at gmail dot com- where in turn you'd reach a ton of people- but enough harping on that....

You'll see a ton of the interiors of these cabins in the upcoming video....

In this upcoming video we also get to see one of the smallest propane (externally vented) heaters I've seen....perfect for tiny houses, cottages, or vacation camps! 

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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