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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Boston-area/Massachusetts Gypsy Wagon/Vardo/Tiny Home

Sage (see our latest teaser video on HIS Boston Gypsy Wagon below) invited me to an open house/send-off party of sorts last weekend for this (below) new home on wheels/gypsy wagon, but unfortunately I couldn't make it as I was in Wellfleet, MA for the Cape Cod Eco-Fest (which was great/fun!). I hope to get more info and photos on this very soon- as it looks like a great little place. I do have a few other pix though, that I'll post soon....once my computer starts behaving....

 If you missed our video teaser on the Boston Gypsy Wagon....

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  1. That one picture does look interesting... Having been in these things, you know just how tiny they really are, but in the photo it looks bright and airy.