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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Project: My micro-scrap wood A-frame garden trellis/deck "house"

More so the bare bones of what COULD be a tiny house....this is something I put together yesterday- with about $8.00(!) of mill extras and grade 3 lumber I have from a Vermont mill that I frequent when I'm up at my little cabin in the woods. For $30- I was able to grab more wood than I could handle (literally, I have to leave about 1/3 of it a my camp) and this wood, perfectly good, will be put to many uses in the coming months. This will also probably soon be for sale- alongside my homeless hut/micro-cabin when I'm down in Baltimore....its ALL cedar too....*sustainably grown Vermont white cedar.

     This little garden trellis-hut (not yet finished), complete with a solar hanging light (soon), will also be dismantled and trucked down to Baltimore, MD next weekend for the "Camp Camp/Transmodern" art/shelter/urban camping exhibit down there....can't wait! I'll also be bringing down the "$100 Homeless Hut" that you might have seen in the The New York Times....

  The slats in this little A-frame are designed/positioned so that you can horizontally slide and position shelving through them (for plants or coffee and books (when sitting inside)), and these slats also provide numerous hanging points for plants, birdfeeders, windchimes, or whatever strikes your fancy. Its also double-designed (with some safety railings added) to be a lightweight, easy to build kid's fort, or easy-to-raise/lift treehouse/treefort.

More to come, as again this one isn't done yet....

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen