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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Micro rolling hotels/cabins on train tracks? A different take on tiny housing on wheels


Norwegian architectural studio Jagnefält Milton Architecture came up with a unique idea how to liven up the small town of Åndalsnes. The town serves as a gateway to the region’s magnificent fjords and is surrounded by splendid nature. The architects designed a hotel that rolls on the train tracks that connect the town to the outside. The hotel does not resemble a traditional train at all but looks more like a number of large boxes loaded with oversized freight. Fortunately the impression is not correct and inside of the boxes of various heights and widths are fully furnished minimalist rooms big enough to sleep in. This way the tourists can get to see the country and not lose a minute searching for accommodation. The proposal goes further into details to include a rolling public bath and concert hall that could travel along the rails. When winter sets in, the units collect near the town center and in summer they travel along the various existing train tracks. The design has an interesting retro feeling and reminds us of the times hundred years ago in USA when private cars traveled on the rails. Nevertheless this idea is practical in all ways and this hotel does not negatively affect the nature and is environment friendly. (from )

-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen


  1. With so many abandoned rails in the US, this would work well out here- although I know there already is a rolling train-condo set-up in New England....

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