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Friday, March 25, 2011

Affordable Plywood Flooring For Your (Tiny) Home (That Doesn't Look Like Hell)

I thought this idea might be perfect for those (usually tiny house/cabin/vacation cottage) builders who are constructing on a budget....

"When recently redoing the room above our garage, we decided that we were DONE with the carpet. Our plans were to rip it up, plank the floor, and then paint it. We never expected the plywood planking that we made to look good enough to STAIN!
Yup, that’s plywood!
16 sheets of 15/32 pine plywood @ $16.49 per sheet
9 gigantic tubes of Liquid Nail @ $4.75 each
10 lbs of cut nails (ordered from Tremont Nail Company) @ $69.63 (includes s&h)
4 gallons of Varathane polyurethane @ $37.46 per gallon
2 quarts of stain @ $9.99 each
Square footage of the room: 533
Rough estimate of cost: $520

We started the project with sheets of plywood. We ripped them on the table saw into 6 inch strips that were all 8 feet long.…"
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen