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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tiny House Book News, AND “Cleaning House” part 2- another tiny house/small home photo gallery

WOW…..and um….wow!
Zanzibar Island Restaurant from
Above is a photo from a great site. Its a cabin shot that might be in Lloyd’s in-the-works tiny housing book- can’t wait. I also just shot another mini youtube episode (while running a fever!) for my “Homebuilt Redneck Windows Series” where I talk a little about Lloyd’s re-released book SHELTER II, and his Shelter Publications release THE BAREFOOT ARCHITECT- both are phenomenal books- and that video will be up soon!
ALSO, thanks to Jim McConnell- who runs the blog “Me Simplified“- who picked up a copy of my book the ole fashioned snail-mail route a little ways back, and kindly reviewed it as well…. you can check out his cool blog here:
Photo from the blog "Simplified Me" with the book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."
And- as I mentioned before, I’m cleaning out my Commodore 64 a lil’ bit and posting some pics I’ve been saving, without real rhyme or reason, before they’re sent off to that trash bin in the sky- OR added to my disc-file for my upcoming new book….SO….here are a few more cabins, shacks, tiny house interiors, playhouses, log cabins, sheds, example of micro-architecture, etc….
Jon Giswold's compact-very-nice-looking log cabin
Log Cabin Outhouse by Patrick Dougherty
Mini Camp House
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

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