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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Treehouse/Tiny Vacacation/Shelter Base/House.....

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"The Beak (2)" Treehouse by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen- (it'll perhaps be in my 2nd upcoming tiny house/structure book- or 3rd- who knows...)
And…Here’s another sketch I did the other night of a VERY SIMPLE treehouse/tree-cabin idea- only 4′ by 8′- that could sleep one or two people for vacation-weekends/hunting/writing/snoozing/meditating/sketching (MY intent- a micro-office in a tree (again, a “Troffice”). The sketch shown gives the base-smallest size at which it could be affordably and quickly built- utilizing only 3-4 sheets of stock-size 3/4″ plywood. Naturally other wood is involved, but most of which is small sized lumber that could easily be found/salvaged over time, or bought inexpensively. Its a simple enough project in that it could be built, and then hoisted into a tree in a single day, and could serve as a means to help those not-so-carpentry oriented, to try their hand at several skills, approaches, and the usage of many tools. Its kinda funky/weird too- as opposed to building a boxier shed-like house- not that I have any prob with those (I have built many…).
BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS- ITS TOO DAMN SMALL (you might be thinking)! Well, width and height-wise, a structure like this could certainly be mathematically expanded upon to serve one’s needs. Other changes, such as a support post, to carry the weight of a larger version of this, could very simply be incorporated too.
This is another one of the quick-to-build ideas we could try at our 2011 Tiny Shelter Building Workshop this summer (ONE of the projects/topics of MANY, that we’d be covering and demonstrating). We’ll have many more proposed group project ideas forthcoming too- and even a CONTEST on simple structures soon as well- with some guest/judges. To those interested in perhaps attending- please leave a comment and I’ll get you more info…
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
For those treehouse/treehome nuts out there, or those just stumbling on this blog- be sure to check out my book (left hand column to order), or any of the works from David and Jeanie Stiles, and Pete/Peter Nelson of The Treehouse Workshop Inc. (who reviewed my own book VERY favorably- thanks Pete!)

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