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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Micro Eco Second Home (M.E.S.H.) and our NEW Facebook group….

First off- I just FINALLY created a facebook tiny housing, group- please join up HERE – I’ll be posting our site links/material/photos there- AND more…
ALSO…I just got the advance copy of Mimi Zeiger’s “Micro-Green” in the mail- which is friggin’ fantastic (MUCH, MUCH more on that soon)- but here’s a photo (MANY better ones to come) of the “M.E.S.H.”- a mobile, plastic-roofed, 6 sleeper structure- EASY to build. I love the simple design, and amenities (toilet/water, etc) could certainly be added to this little getaway- although you might not opt for the see-through walls in this case…
AGAIN- more to come…off to shoot some more videos today too…
One on our 2011 Hands-On, Tiny Shelter/House Building Workshop- being held in MA- July 9th- kidcedar at gmail dot com for more info or to reserve a spot

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