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Monday, February 7, 2011

Jamaica Cottage Shops Writer’s Haven-Cabin and Others- For Sale

I was talking to Domenic Mangano who heads up the Jamaica Cottage Shop in Vermont, and he mentioned that they were in the process of selling a good number of their display-model cabins, sheds, and outbuildings from now until 1/31/11. They’re also celebrating their 15 year anniversary.
Their Writer’s Haven cabin is one of my favorite models, and is now up for sale for only $7200.00.
This Vermont Cottage is on sale for under $8000.00
To anyone from that area (and beyond- they DO sell plans for all their models) it might be worth a look- even if just to drool/grab some ideas for your own future retreat or tiny house/home designs.
You can check them out at
Meanwhile, we’re gearing up for our next shoot for “Tiny Yellow House” TV- which should be interesting, seeing as I’m sick as heck right now, and still have some building to do! Did I mention that I do all my construction outside? -Better yet- today in MA it was -25 degrees with the wind chill. Not fun.

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