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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“The Goddagidda-way” micro-shelter (aka “The Homeless Hut”)

"The Goddagidda Way" designed and built by Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (a micro homeless shelter, pre-fab treehouse/treefort, and/or indoor escape cube all-in-one)
Here are a few updated pictures of what I’ve now named “The Goddagidda-Way“- a mini/micro shelter designed as a tiny, EASY-to build escape cube (indoors or out), and/or a super-affordable short-term shelter for the homeless or for hikers/travelers, etc. Total cost: Approx. $100/$110.00.
Its a mere 16 square feet inside, but “roomier” than you might think, for something mainly built our of two sheets of plywood.
This also could be used for many other things (my intent)- for example, toss this lightweight structure into a platform in a tree- and voila, you have one of the simpler, cheaper, treeforts/treehouses you’ll ever come by (ie- down the road we’ll do so, and this will become the “head” of “The Tree-Rex Treehouse”). The beauty of this little shelter is that it can be built in well under a day, by someone with very little building experience.
Build it indoors, for those privacy-challenged, tiny house dwellers out there, and you have a little cozy nook in which to read a book, or work from your laptop.
Much more to come- and we’re eventually going to shoot this little structure, so as to show you how to build it yourself. (Note: The stainedglass artwork was donated by Satialee (her ebay shop name)- Real name: Stephanie Atlee. You can check out her work HERE.
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen