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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Compact Cabins by Gerald Rowan (and other tiny house/cabin books)

Archived/Reprinted from the old
 I don’t know if the machines over at the Folgers plant got their caffeine/bean mixture wrong and overdosed my most recent can, or what, but I’ve been crankin’ out videos, physical woodworking projects, and much more, just in these last two weeks. I’ve also been tearing through books and will have ANOTHER “Tiny Yellow House/” book review video-episode on the way shortly.
In the past, I launched a side episode/show called “Man With The Ugly Hat” solely composed of tiny house, small living, back-to-the-land, book reviews, (I’ll post it wayyy below if you missed it), and speaking of caffeine, most found it far too over the top. Well, IT WAS, and I DID have a blast shooting this little one-take video, but next time, so as to reach (and not scare) a greater deal of people, we just might tone it down a little…..or will we????
That said, among over a dozen new reviews to come, one of my favorites was “Compact Cabins” by Gerald Rowan.
“Rowan’s ’Compact Cabins’ hooked me immediately- I mean I can’t stop pawin’ through this thing! Its LOADED with (sixty-two!) plans and concepts for cabins, tiny homes, and vacation cottages, some sound “tricks of the trade” advice from an author who clearly knows the trade (and seems passionate about it too), and a non-stop provision of some great watercolored visuals and illustrations- a combination of which has earned this one a place in my all-time “Tiny- House-Book Favorites”. Rank it up there with the work of Lloyd Kahn, David and Jeanie Stiles, and Dan Mulfinger, its just a great all around book for your cabin aspirations. Pick it up and commence drooling, plotting, and daydreaming.”
All the cabin concepts and floor plans clock in at under 1000 square feet. The smallest design isn’t much over 100 square feet, and passive solar, wood heating, “turniture” employment, pre-fabrication, and the ultilization of recycled and salvaged building materials, are all covered. Its just a really entertaining and well-planned, blue-collar, REALISTIC cabin book that doesn’t cater to millionares-only.
I recommend this one very highly. Actually this round of books was pretty incredible- and you’ll hear all about several releases soon on my youtube channel.
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
Author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”
Host of “Tiny Yellow House” TV