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Monday, December 23, 2013

FULLY LEGAL, NEW 252 Square Foot Tiny House in Massachusetts.... a Tumbleweed Bodega

     Here's a video, one of eight or nine we shot on a road tour the other weekend (my brother, Dustin, and I). This one's a tour of Chris Hayne's 252 square foot home- solar powered, and fully permitted and inspected- on a gorgeous plot of land too near the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Chris was a guest speaker at my recent " Hands-On Tiny House Building and Design Workshop" near Boston, and YES, we have another workshop- THREE days (and NIGHTS) of camping and building in the woods of North Carolina (outside Wilmington), coming up. It'll be April 11th-13th- 2014. I'm still waiting on the confirmation of one or two speakers/guests before I can go ahead and get a full bill/poster done, but hopefully that will be very soon. It's going to be good, with a few things we haven't done before- from building a rocket stove, to setting concrete foundation posts, building and designing a cabin, erecting a yurt, and so much more....

Meanwhile, here's that video.... one with an ultra-sensitive mic- but the place was so cool, we wanted to share this anyway! Chris also runs a new blog called check it out!

Chris' home was originally built from "Bodega" plans from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, but he then tweaked the plans to fit his needs and style a little, and in some cases, to conform to a few more local codes. In the end run, it worked out great, and his place is legit and legal ad a full time tiny home.

MORE videos coming up, and we're always looking for backers so that we can keep shooting tons of these if you ever want to help us, as we help you out. kidcedar at

Have a great Christmas/Holiday all!
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen