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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Tiny House, Yurt, and Tree House ALL IN ONE?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! (or I hope you had one, depending on when you see this!)

Here's a great budget-minded (and portable, quick, easy to install) idea... a YURT that's a tree house! This one is a 12' diameter model from a company called Yurts Of America.... who have a some pretty drool worthy photos over at 

This particular tree house, or "cabin aloft" was installed by the owner of the company for his kids, right outside Indianapolis, IN.

These yurts are Made In America too! Something you don't see much of anymore.

Best yet, just look at this locale! Wow! No interior photos- sorry.... (I asked/tried)

Coming soon- details on our " HANDS-ON Tiny House Building/Design Workshop near Wilmington, NC- April 11-13th, 2014"! Wait til you see the guests, the schedule, the project, and all in store! We'll be setting up a yurt on the off-grid premises too! 

If you missed our last tiny house video tour too- here you go....