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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tiny House for sale with an AMAZING OVERLOOK VIEW!

     From time to time I might start to feature tiny houses on my channel- ones that others are listing for sale. Aside from randomly helping out whatever owners with the sale, it also gives us all a chance to look through theses small cottages, cabins, and tiny homes on wheels to judge whether or not the asking price is reasonable. Furthermore it also gives us all an opportunity to pick through a home and to "take or leave" some of the spatial arrangement ideas and decor elements. Lets face it, everyone like to voyeuristically paw through the homes of others- its why "open houses" are often attended by those that have absolutely no intent of buying. This version, I suppose, during these trying times, is Covid safe too.... 

Friday, October 30, 2020

THE nicest tiny house EVER?? And its for sale....

                                                        Check out the FULL TOUR below:

You HAVE to check this one out. It was designed by Amanda Wolters and built by The Small Dwelling Company ( ) based out of Weathersford, TX. I'm pretty darn impressed (and having seen so many tiny houses over my 10+ year span in the field, I don't impress easily). 

Again, yes, its for sale with an asking price of $99k- IF interested you can DM Amanda through instagram at @ladybirdthetinyhouse 

LADYBIRD THE TINY HOUSE Specs: 38 by 10 Trailermade trailer/tiny home base, built specifically for tiny home use 3 inch spray foam insulation in all walls, floors, ceiling, and in floor between bedroom and bathroom Reverse Osmosis drinking water system 4 stage whole house water filtration system plus uv sanitizer (sufficient water pressure required, bypass installed for lower water pressure situations) High efficiency propane on demand water heater LG WiFi enabled mini split HVAC system with tankless dehumidifier, remote, and smart phone control capability Exterior “control center” closet for easy access to water heater, electrical panel, water filtration system Dickinson Marine Newport P9000 Propane Fireplace Metal Roof (portion of roof built to accommodate future rooftop patio deck) Double pane energy efficient casement awning windows through out Egress skylight over sleeping area Quartz countertops throughout kitchen, bathroom and living area Authentic tongue and groove shiplap throughout Herringbone luxury plank floor throughout Extensive custom storage throughout Sho Sugi Ban exterior wood accents 100 amp hardwire electrical service, can be converted to 50 amp plug in service by buyer Designer lighting throughout with led bulbs and multiple dimmers Rugs included, coffee table included Custom window coverings throughout Wired for satellite internet, currently connected through Nextlink *Art and personal items are not included in the sale Bathroom: Dual flush water saving residential toilet Full size jetted tub Multi head luxury shower Built in towel warmer Separate WC with sliding door Humidity sensing automatic bathroom vent Hidden pop up outlets with usb charging connections (bathroom and kitchen) Kitchen/Dining: 6 seat built in dining banquette with under seat storage and drawers Hidden built-in vanity with lighted mirror, makeup storage, and electrical outlets Hidden desk storage LG Ventless 4.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Steam Washer/Dryer Combination with TurboWash, TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum, Allergiene Cycle Big Chill brand 10.7 cubic foot designer vintage inspired refrigerator with built in ice maker EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Energy Star Rated Dishwasher Samsung 5 burner LP gas 30 in. 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning and Fan Convection Oven in Stainless Steel Commercial grade outside vented vent hood with metal filter system Living Area: Built in 10 foot wide three sided sectional with custom upholstery, tandem pull out sleeping spaces, integrated electrical and usb plugs, and built in storage under all seating. 100 inch motorized drop down projection screen with projector, bluetooth sound capability, amazon fire tv connected Flat screen smart tvs in living and bedroom Alexa capable surround sound system with subwoofer Bedroom Custom nightstands with built in lighting 470 point fiber optic star ceiling with remote and color change options Will accommodate king size foam mattress

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woman solo builds her own $900 off grid A-frame Tiny House/Cabin in the woods of Maine

Meet Kate Tooth Wentworth. She'd kind of a bad-ass. Aside from being an outdoor skills and wilderness survival instructor, she was a recent contestant on the tv show "Naked And Afraid" AND more recently just built this A-frame glamping rental (which she will seasonally live in too) "All by her big girl self" as she claims in the video tour. Its not a "tiny house" per se, but many built from these plans HAVE and are being lived in full time.

Be sure to check out Kate's channel too- support her and subscribe, AND should you want to ever rent a night or ten in this little cabin (all on an 18 acre spread with fishing and hiking at your doorstep), check out these links below.

This cabin, by the way, was built from a framing plan set I offer up on this site, so I was very excited to receive this guest tour from Kate- she did such a great job!

The Links-

Subscribe to Kate's channel-

RENT this cabin through Hipcamp-

Deek's "Transforming A-Frame Cabin" framing-plan set-

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Swanky Shed sightings! Could you "Tiny House" convert this pool cabin?

I saw this on my drive to the dentist the other day and thought to myself "Should I be on time for my appointment, or should I film a video of this killer little pool house?" Suffice to say, the root canal will have to be rescheduled! Kidding. Anyway, check this one out as I feel it really does have some great potential as a shed-to-tiny-house conversion. If anything, it would at least make for a solid short-stay vacation cabin or getaway hut.

This was located in Hanover, MA. I contacted them for a price but as of yet have not gotten an answer. Someone on the video commented that they saw it was listed for $15,000.

By the way (link at the banner up above), it looks like our Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms tiny house/DIY building workshop will now be the weekend 0f November 21-22, 2020. Gonna be fun!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

This Off Grid Tree House has a Hot Tub! Full Tour!

Here's a guest video we recently launched on our YouTube channel- one from Chris Strathy (aka "The Capable Carpenter"). This tree house is one he built and designed in North Carolina, and it not only features a loft for sleeping, but it has a nearby wood-fired hot tub too! When finished, it will basically stand as a tiny house amongst the trees. Check out the great wrap around deck and the little cooking area too!

Please check out AND SUBSCRIBE to his channel HERE ("The Capable Carpenter")- He has some great projects on it!

Some cool ideas and approaches in this one!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

LAST CHANCE! Tiny House Bundle- $2000+ of plans/books/courses for only $49!

SO if you haven't checked out the tiny house bundle by now, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.

Put together by Ethan Waldman (VT Tiny House Dweller/Author) this bundle is loaded with $2175.00 of plans, e-courses, ebooks, seminars, and MORE- for only $49.

AND.... if you pick one up, it helps THIS blog and THIS channel, as well as the other people involved with it.

The plan set I contributed is my two story "Half A-Frame Framing Plan Set" (one dubbed "The Dart") that usually alone is $35, so for not all that much more, you're getting another $2000+ of stuff.

At least check it out at this link here, as it might introduce you to some new builders and new names in the field, if anything.

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Go Underground!? A cheap, easy, underground camping hut

I've long been sketching ideas for this, and have finally begun the actual build. The idea behind this is/was to create a simple underground camping hut or shelter that might appeal to:

                                                        PLAN SET LINK IS BELOW

-Those just looking for a fun building project
-Peoplelooking for something that could be used as a simple camping structure for enjoying the   outdoors
-A small lockable storage unit
-Shelter- a basic one- that won't draw attention (is "easy to hide" for whatever reasons)
-Could make for a fun kids fort or play structure
-That might stand as an observation station for viewing wildlife.

Ultimately, regardless of the reason, it had to be straight forward, accessible (in its difficulty (or lack of) to build), and affordable- much like our Transforming A-frame Cabin Plans (also at the link below).

So, we came up with what we're calling "The Snapper". Why? Well, like a snapping turtle, it is compact, has a tough outer shell, and hides in the mud, out of sight. Why not BLEND into the natural landscape when building a small shelter, as opposed to sticking out like a sore thumb that doesn't belong?

While this structure is meant to be built underground (earth-berm style), the plans for it can ALSO be used to build a cool and unique tree house, or a simple camping/escape/hunting/survival shelter that resides ABOVE ground. It is versatile. TINY as heck, but versatile. Sure, you could also build a larger/taller version of it with a few alterations.

So, check the video on the progress so far.
AND.... the PLAN SETS (working on them NOW) are available for pre-order HERE (and they're only $12 for awhile too!).


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I can't AFFORD a tiny house! They're too expensive! (No, they really aren't)

"But tiny houses are just TOO EXPENSIVE! I never could afford one of my own!" 

Its probably THE top comment we see on tiny house message boards time and time again, aside from "But where's the bathroom?", or "I could never use a composting toilet!".

Regardless, with some of the high end tiny houses reaching prices well above $100k these days, its nice to see some simple, yet effective, conversion ideas and examples here and there.

And this is one of them.

I'll start with the immediate "con" of living in something like a RV or camper full time, and that's the fact that most RVs or campers are built and designed for OCCASSIONAL use- meaning that parts of them aren't built for constant wear and tear (many are built cheaply). RVs are often VERY POORLY insulated too (which can be a BIG deal breaker). There are some exceptions of course.
On the other hand, small spaces are EASIER to heat, so if you're fine with that climatic aspect, moisture will be your other concern (and I talk about that in video too).

Adequate ventilation (passive or active) is a MUST in any tiny house. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS.

But that aside, here's a video tour of a great little Twentynine Palms, CA rental that I found particularly attractive, fun, and effective. If you click on the link DIRECTLY to the video, you can also join in on the pros/cons conversation in the comments. PLEASE DO!

The reason I've decided to share this one- RVS and campers can be purchased for close to nothing in some cases. With just a little elbow grease and NOT a fortune in materials, a camper could be converted into something more suitable for full time living for a mere $1000 or $2000.

It has been done- MANY times.

If you'd like to rent this place, here is a link for more....

Also coming up, we have our HANDS-ON, Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms, CA tiny house building workshop. Guest speakers, build a cabin with us, and even campout if you'd like! This takes place May 1-3, 2020. If you'd like to attend.... 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This GORGEOUS houseboat was built on a 1940s TRASH BARGE!

Yes, you read that right, the entire hull of this airbnb houseboat rental once was a trash barge for the Seattle area. Luckily it has now not only been cleaned up, but transformed into a rather elegant and fun "floating tiny house"! This is the SECOND houseboat I've rented in Seattle's Lake Union (loved them both), and the first one was featured in a past video, AND in my third book "MicroLiving"- shown/linked down below....

 Also, if you want to build a cabin with us, camp out, hear from guest speakers, see live demos, and       MORE!- don't miss our May 1-3, 2020 Tiny House Building Workshop in Joshua Tree, CA

And the other houseboat...

                             Deek's Book "Micro Living
                                             CLICK HERE

Sunday, January 12, 2020

LIVE Tiny House Building (with us), Ferrocement, Adobe, and more! Join us!

     You might know by now (you might not), that we're heading back to the desert right outside Joshua Tree, CA to work on yet another cool cabin- one that you'll be building with us as we teach you the ropes. We're keeping this hands on workshop small, and its going to be fun as heck- as we've added MORE demos this time around! Three days of awesomeness! Great for the 101 of tiny house building, networking, and learning many alternative practices in trade- ESPECIALLY when it comes to salvage, reuse, and budget building!

May 1-3, 2020. ALL SKILL levels welcome (and appropriate)- even if you've NEVER built before.

Here's more on it.

Hosted by Deek and Dustin Diedricksen (former hosts/designers of the HGTV tv show "Tiny House Builders")

-You can camp out for free- PLENTY OF SPACE on our 5 acre spread
-You can bring your RV or camper- no fee
-You can bring your (well behaved) pet
-We're in a cool remote area, but a MERE 2 miles from hotels, restaurants, chains, and more....

And if you missed our recent MEGA TREE HOUSE VIDEO.... here goes....