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Friday, December 20, 2013

A 40 Square Foot Tiny Cabin/House/Camper in The Snow- AND a ramshackle tree house...

Hope you all have a great Holiday! Here are a few photos I snapped in my yard, of my little cabin on wheels (plan sets coming down the road, as many have asked), AND another of a tiny ramshackle, kids fort/tree house of sorts in the neighborhood..... 2013 was great, and I have LOTS in store for 2014..... a few Tumbleweed Workshops, an out of state home and garden show I'm designing a cabin for, AND a hands-on workshop I'm hosting via April 11-13th, co-hosted by Steven Harrell- down near Wilmington, NC- We'll be building and designing one, if not two, cabins in the woods- tons of demos, speakers, bonfire discussions, special guests, and more! Off-grid, on a gorgeous piece of wooded land- WITH CAMPING too! 

kidcedar at if you want to jump on board even before we announce the full bill- these all sell out fast!

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

Thanks to those who supported me and this blog in 2013 too, and those who picked up my book as well!