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Friday, October 7, 2011

No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn- A tiny house build in NYC

Unloading/untying the materials as we arrived in Brooklyn (after very little sleep). L- Dustin Diedricksen. R- Steve Sparaco.

     Well, Dustin and I were in Brooklyn NY the last two nights, for a whirlwind trip out to the tv set/shooting of a brand new show for The History Channel, where we were put to the test to build a micro-guest house, in a mere 12 hours(!)- well....with some prep and prefabrication, much to the director's surprise, we were able to get it done in only 7-8 hours- and were pretty pleased with the results. Mega thanks to Dustin and Steve Sparaco for helping out- bust-ass workers, both of them. It was fun closing the night under (directly under) the Brooklyn Bridge with them too, polishing of a few NY pizzas (damn good ones too- and they better be at $25 a pop!). Two pizzas, one calzone, one beer, two sodas- $85. Yeowch.

"That Orange Door", again....pre-cleaning it up.
     Sadly, contracturally I can't show you any of the one hundred or so photos I took of the new mini house/cabin I designed and built- at least until the episode airs, which won't be until February or so. It stinks, especially as we grabbed some REALLY cool shots of this little hut in the midst of an ENORMOUS, industrial factory warehouse- the space was about 80 feet wide by 300 long- with 60 foot ceilings- lots of character too!

I guess I can show you how we DID fit all of the pieces in one single pick-up truck (above), interior furnishings and all! When the time comes though, I'll probably put a slideshow video together showing the progression of the overall build. Off to shoot some photos at a houseboat!

Some incredibly wall mural work- 'LOTS of it in the district we were in- I'll post a ton more photos later....

$11.53- on order it in the righthand column's icon....
 -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen