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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Behold, the gaudy, orange, recycled door (soon to be on international tv- lol)

The recycled, repainted door to the cabin I'm current working on- it'll have a natural-curved branch (poly-coated) handle too....
      I was repainting this freebie door yesterday, in preparation for a micro emergency shelter, or garden cabin/guest house I'm building for a new show on the History Channel, and thought to myself "If the woman who tossed this only knew it'd end up on international tv- her TRASH on television". Too funny. I picked up this door a few weeks back as a woman was dragging it out to the curb and she informed me that it was almost one hundred years old! -If doors could talk!- well, we might not want them to.

Anyway, soon-ish, I'll update you guys with some photos on this new mini-house/shelter, and perhaps even some video. Dustin "Dr. Demolition" Diedricksen (my brother), and Big Steve Sparaco will also be coming out to NYC to help me install this lil' beast.

Meanwhile, as I'm burning the candle at both ends to finish this, if you don't see a post in the next day or so, its because I'm finally unconscious somewhere, catching up on sleep.

Oh yeah- THE BLAZE- picked up on my tiny housing tour/video- the Kirsten Dirksen-shot project....
Check it out here.... some, um, interesting, takes on this- especially from people who CLEARLY never read the article or watched the video, but were so quick to comment or advise on what I'm doing, building, and how I'm living. "How can he live in those!?"- when the very first OPENING shot of the film shows my "real" house and talks about it. So much for offering up informed opinions. If only some of these people would spend their energies on DOING something, instead of anonymously posting negative, unproductive, hateful comments, this country might steer towards a far better place. Still, some interesting perspectives on things, both good and bad, but its always entertaining to see how people "peg" you from a video, when they don't know you- apparently I'm an anti-gun, ultra-liberal, semi-homeless, lazy, hippie- when none of those topics ever comes up in the video.Ah, the good, kind people of America! Check it out though, it makes for some decent, albeit scary, reading.


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