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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living the "High Life"- tiny housing potential in unexpected places

Er....I guess the title of this blog post could be taken the wrong way....oh well.....

     Anyway, I just got back from staying two nights on "The Gemini" one of the houseboats (see my old video for them- below), and it was really a fun, unique, and incredible time- RIGHT in the Boston harbor. I'll be sure to post some more photos soon, as I took plenty of them!

     While in Boston, I also took a few shots of this seemingly abandoned and neglected dockside crane. It stands on the end of a pier near the U.S.S. Constitution, and is truly mammoth in size (it was used to haul rather large boats, and runs on a very wide steel rail around the boat yard). Its cab, busted windows and all, on the other hand, is not so huge, and from the ground seems daydream material for a really funky, unique, and bizarre living space- not that you'd ever get the permission, or have the means to haul a 45 ton crane back to your property! The view would be AMAZING too, as any of you who have been to this pier would know- the crane overlooks a direct view of the Boston skyline- straight across the narrow harbor.

 Again, its never going to happen, but we can at least imagine such things, can't we? It never hurts to think outside the box....

Aboard the "Gemini" houseboat from  
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-Derek "Deek" Diedricksen