joshua tree workshop 2018

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Check out this Dual Shipping Container Tiny House Set Up...

Well, we are going to have yet another Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms Tiny House Building Workshop in May (Hosted by The Diedricksen Brothers- former hosts of HGTV's "Tiny House Builders"), and this might be one of the set-ups (among who knows what else) that you can take a look at.

We also will all be building a small cabin together- regardless of your skill level. Even if you've NEVER built before, this workshop will work with you/teach you- that's the whole point.

Also- if you're interested in signing up/want more info?- hit the banner link a little ways above this article.

As for the shipping container house, as you check out this video, here are a few quick pros/cons I immediately thought of in regards to a dual (yet split) shipping container home arrangement.

-Separate living/working spaces for privacy/one's own space if living with another
-The ability to transport these to other locations as they act as two individual units on trailers.
-The two units, by being separated, create an outdoor living space (a large 16' deck in this case).

-Heating- depending on your systems, you might need two individual units.
-Heat loss by wind (more exposed surfaces as opposed to one larger "block-like unit")
-Each container is only a maximum of 8' wide, while the span could be larger inside if they were joined.

And there are plenty of other pros and cons I'm sure....